Study with STORY: Simple Bible Study Tools for Understanding God’s Story

Bible study hasn’t always been my thing. Before I learned how to study God’s word, I was known for inconsistently picking up my Bible, letting it fall open to a page and begin reading, only to close it again confused and frustrated. This approach is like reading sentences of a letter or email out of order and expecting to understand what’s been communicated. It just doesn’t work (or make logical sense, for that matter). No wonder I didn’t understand how the pieces fit into the overall narrative! 


But once I was taught the tools for effective Bible study, the Scriptures sprang to life in a whole new way. Now I understand how the exodus fits into Israel’s story and illustrates the story of every believer in Christ. Now I can place all those crazy kings on a timeline and see God’s hand of mercy through the generations. Now I see the relevance of the apostles and their letters and how the whole story is marching towards a climax—the glorious return of Christ!


I’ve gathered my favourite Bible study tools in one place and developed a method you can follow for studying Scripture. It’s called Study with STORY. Combining timeless methods of Bible study, Study with STORY is a fresh way of studying Scripture. Using the acronym STORY, this approach to digging into God’s Word will guide you through five steps for studying the Bible, one chapter at a time. Complete all three activities for each of the five steps, or if time is limited, choose one activity from each step.


Gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture as you Study with STORY, and watch how God’s story transforms your story.

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