Shannon’s Story

I’m so glad you’re here!
Let’s swap stories.

I’ll go first …

I live in a quiet neighbourhood in a small town, although I sometimes long for the wide-open spaces of my childhood farm with it’s sprawling maple trees lining the gravel laneway. High up in those trees with a pencil and notebook the stories in my imagination sprang to life. Stories—the ones in books and the ones I dreamed up—were my happy place.

The best story of all was the one I found in the pages of that big bible I received in my fifth grade Sunday school class. Miss Alice, my Sunday school teacher, had a wonderful way of making those stories jump off the page.

But then my teenage years took me away from that person God created me to be, and I learned life lessons the hard way. I enrolled in college but never finished. I started climbing the corporate ladder but never reached the top. God gently took my plans, reshaped them, and lead me back to Himself. 

I met a sweet boy who gave me a ring, and we’ve made a home together for almost two decades. He patiently listens, challenges and supports me in the best ways. Our two babies have grown into teenagers and they are equal parts sass and sweet, making me laugh and driving to my knees in prayer. They are gifts from God.

At home I can be found in my cozy office with my bible and journal, curled up with a good book, around the table with my family, or writing at my desk in front of the window overlooking our street.

Forever a student, I’m the one frantically taking notes through every sermon at my local church, playing a podcast during mundane tasks, and highlighting bits of wisdom in all the books on my nightstand.

Above all, I love God and am captivated by His word. His story—the one introduced to me by Miss Alice—is one seamless grand narrative of redemption, full of mystery and adventure, passion and heartache, unlikely people with impossible callings, and unimaginable plot twists and unfinished endings. And it all points to the one on every page, Jesus Christ. It’s absolutely thrilling. 

But it can be intimidating.  

As a bible teacher with a passion for biblical literacy, I would love to help you find your way around the Bible, develop a deep hunger for God’s word, and know Jesus more intimately. I open the pages of scripture to study, write and speak, in hopes that it might encourage you in your pursuit of God through His word.

I believe God’s story can completely transform your story.

Thank you for the opportunity to humbly serve you in this space. Will you meet me on the pages of God’s word?

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