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Handwriting Scripture—simply copying the text word for word by hand—is a great way to meet with God on the pages of His Word. This method of Scripture engagement forces you to slow down and dwell on the meaning of the passage. The purpose of handwriting Scripture is not to have another copy of the Bible (you probably have multiple copies already), but to enable you to engage and reflect on God’s Word as you read it.

This practice of copying Scripture is not new, in fact the ancient Israelite kings were required to write a copy of the law on a scroll, so it would be imprinted on their hearts and they would learn to fear the Lord all the days of their lives (Deut. 17:18-19). Handwriting scripture has the same benefits for us today.

7 Benefits of Handwriting Scripture:

1. Frees us from distractions and engages our minds
Even when we get into the habit of daily Bible reading, many distractions—both internal and external—often prevent us from fully engaging with Scripture. Writing each word is a focused activity that eliminates distraction.

2. Forces us to slow down and observe
Copying the text of Scripture naturally forces us to slow down and think about what we are writing. Details we previously missed spring to life in vivid colour. We meditate on the words, imagine the scene and carefully consider the truths as we write.

3. Increases understanding and retention
Science has proven that handwriting, as opposed to typing on a keyboard, increases retention. The simple act of pen to paper can increase our understanding of God’s Word and help us remember it more fully.

4. Allows for deeper application
The slow pace of handwriting Scripture allows time and space for the Holy Spirit to connect truth to our daily lives. He guides and directions, convicts and challenges, encourages and exhorts, and we have the opportunity to apply biblical wisdom to our circumstance and respond in obedience.

5. Encourages worship and prayer
As we imprint God’s truth on the page, the Holy Spirit imprints His truth on our hearts, and we are able to respond in worship and prayer.

6. Leaves a tangible legacy of faith
As we scribe whole chapters and books, and maybe even the whole Bible, we have a tangible record of our time with God to hold in our hands. As evidence of our faith, we can pass these notebooks and journals on to the next generation.

7. Multiplies love for God and His word
Handwriting Scripture stirs up our affections for Jesus, kindles afresh our love for God, and multiples our passion for His Word.

And it’s so simple! Grab an ordinary notebook and a pen simply start writing out the text. You will be amazed at what God will do in your life as you let God’s Word soak into your soul.

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