A Living Faith: A Study of James

I’m a practical girl. Talk to me in theory and ideals and I’ll respond with a blank stare, but give me a list of things to do and I’m on it! That’s why I resonate so much with the letter James wrote in Scripture. It is filled with imperatives that could fill our to-do lists from not until Jesus comes back. 

This tiny letter, penned by the half-brother of Jesus, is full of instruction and encouragement and teaches us what living faith looks like in the lives of authentic Christ-followers. He goes so far as to say that faith without works is not really faith at all. Our beliefs must inform our behaviour, he says. Our creed must impact our conduct. Our doctrine must work itself out in our deeds. 

Introducing my new 6-WEEK BIBLE STUDY: A LIVING FAITH. This downloadable Bible study will guide you through the text of James one chapter at a time. 

But be warned: the more you read on in the book of James, the more you will realize that it is impossible to live up to these standards. In fact, James purposely piles one command on top of another, pointing to what true religion looks like, so that we will feel this tension between who we are called to be and who we really are. Then he points to the gospel, the abundant grace of God. 

Will you join me on the pages of James? 

*THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. You are purchasing a digital download file with copyright permission to print one copy for personal use only.


Week 1: James and His Readers

Week 2: Trials and Testing

Week:3 Perseverance and Partiality

Week 4: Faith and Works

Week 5: Passion and Pride

Week 6: Patience and Prayer

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