The Gospel of Grace - Galatians Bible Study

All is grace. The breath in our lungs, the food on our tables, the gift of salvation – it’s all grace. But far too often we forget and we try to please God and earn His favour through rule-keeping and good deeds. This only leads to exhaustion and enslavement.


The message of Galatians transcends time and culture as Paul urges his readers to live under grace, not law. Galatians is a book that highlights the grace of God, the freedom in Christ, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Paul’s sense of urgency rings loud and clear on every page of this short letter. The people whom he had ministered to in Galatia were turning from the gospel of grace to a form of legalism, and Paul was writing to encourage them to keep walking in the glorious freedom found in Christ. This freedom is available for you too.


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Week 1: Galatians 1
Week 2: Galatians 2
Week 3: Galatians 3
Week 4: Galatians 4
Week 5: Galatians 5
Week 6: Galatians 6

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