Study With Story

The Bible is the greatest story ever told.

From Genesis to Revelation, it is one seamless narrative of relentless redemption, featuring God’s steadfast love for you. As a living and active Word, breathed out by the Spirit, it brings joy and freedom as you diligently search for Jesus on every page.

But it can be overwhelming.

Combining timeless methods of Bible study, Study with STORY is a fresh way of studying Scripture. Using the acronym STORY, this approach to digging into God’s Word will guide you through 5 steps for studying the Bible, one chapter at a time. Complete all 3 activities for each of the 5 steps, or if time is limited, choose 1 activity from each step.

Gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture as you Study with STORY, and watch how God’s story transforms your story.

God's Story Transforms Your Story

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Repetitive Reading
Read the passage multiple times to increase comprehension

Audio Bible
Read the passage out loud or listen to it on an audio bible.

Multiple Translations
Read the passage in several different translations.

Using coloured pens, mark the key repeated words in the passage.

Word Studies
Look up significant words in the original Hebrew or Greek and note what you learn (

Key Lists
Look at every occurance of key words in the passage and make lists of what you learn.

Exhaustive Questions
List every question you have, both things you don’t understand and questions of curiosity.

Cross References
Using a concordance, search for cross references of key verses (

Outline Text
Make an outline of the text by giving the chapters and paragraphs titles, and listing the sub-points. 

Handwrite Text
Copy the text word for word in your own handwriting.

Paraphrase Text
Re-write the passage in your own words.

Journal Prayers
Write out your prayer to God based on the passage.

Know God
Write a list of everything you learn about God’s character and ways and respond in worship.

Action Steps
Apply the truths that the Holy Spirit has impressed on you in specific and measureable ways.

Memorize Verse
Choose your favourite verse and commit it to memory.

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